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What is it all about?

From February 10 until 12 1999 the Internet-Expo takes place in Oerlikon (Zurich, Switzerland). Oracle Switzerland GmbH. has invited us to present Linux and Oracle on Linux at their booth. It was impossible for us to say "no".

So, we are a partner of Oracle for the iEX. Clearly, our presence is due to Oracle and would not be possible without them, thanks.

What we are going to present

At our booth, two members of the Linux User Group Switzerland will present a heterogeneous network to interested visitors. Obivously, this network will rely on Linux servers and have different clients (such as Windows or Macs for instance). An other part of the presentation are the desktop applications for Linux.

These demonstrations are based on our concept whose main parts are:

  • show the possibilities of Linux as a server in a heterogeneous network und give informations concerning stability, platform independence etc. for people making decisions on IT matters. More specific, we want to show the potential of Linux in areas like
    • databases: Oracle,
    • web server: Apache,
    • file and print server for Unix, Windows and Macintosh: Samba and Netatalk,
    • Linux as a firewall and router responsible for the connection to the Internet; this is accomplished on kernel level,
    In order to make this demonstrations more colorful, we intend to show a poster (there is a draft available) displaying a sample network. A poster can not hold to much information, therefore, this picture will be on our internal web server too and there will be info pages behinde (try it out; you can click on it).
  • the upcoming strengths of Linux on the desktop of an ordinary user with applications like:

These two main topics should be surrounded by a discussion and the distribution of free evaluation CDs.

Last but not least, we will introduce the LUGS to interested people. In order to do so, there will be copies of our journal with selected articles on Linux for professionals.

What we wear

Everybody working on the Linux presentation at the fair will wear a special shirt. People not taking part can order such a shirt, only delivered after the fair.


If you have question or remarks concerning the presentation of Linux at the fair, contact Norbert Kümin, <>.

For questions or remarks concerning these web pages, contact Philipp Frauenfelder <>, especially if the english is bad (which certainly is).

Free tickets

Apparently, there won't be any free tickets.

This text is also available in german.

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